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A Special Welcome To Our South African Friends

We are Deon and Stephan, two South African friends and business partners and have been serial entrepreneurs for over 21 years. In fact our friendship was forged in business.

Based in Pretoria we have been marketing online and offline for many years and have sold millions of Rands worth of physical and digital products as well as helping thousands of people just like you get a presence online.

And quietely we have been earning USD as far back as 2007. Here are just 2 checks banked on the same day in 2007 :

Back then we got paid in checks, which was mailed to you and once remitted, took another 6 weeks before it showed up in your account.

Today we get paid via Bank Deposit, into a US Virtual Bank Account and then transferred via a 3rd party to your own bank account in SA.

We are going to show you how to get paid your USD earnings in SA.

Before We Show You Just Note : We are not tax attorneys or specialists and you need to abide by all the SA laws pertaining to foreign earnings.

You need to report all your foreign income to the reserve bank.  When money is paid into you SA bank account you will be contacted by your bank and asked to declare what it is for.  Just say COMMISSION.

How It Works

You will be earning USD from selling products on commission.  You you have watched the webinar, you will realise the income potential and how Affiliate Marketing works.

ONE TIP : Many people we have introduced this method of making money to have limited themselves to trying to sell to the South African market only.

With the Internet, the WORLD is your oyster. 

You can sit in sunny SA and sell American products to Americans IN America and earn a commission in USD.  Do not limit your scope and vision to just selling to SA.

Ok, once you have watched the webinar, you will have a basic understanding of what Affiliate Marketing is.

Getting Paid


Every 2 weeks Clickbank will make a payout to your payment method of choice, either Direct Deposit (into a USD bank account) or via Check mailed to you. (see below for information for signing up for Clickbank if you are not accepted on your first try)

Now, to get said US bank account you need to join Payoneer. This is a 3rd Party Payment service, similar to Paypal but just better.  It is open to South Africans.

You need to FICA with them electronically.  Do not worry, we have been with them for many years and their service is excellent and they are very strict with their security.  Your data is safe with them.

Once you have done your FICA, you can apply for a US based or an EU based bank account.  We suggest you get the US one.

This will be a virtual bank account.  Once approved and you are provided with your Banking Details, you can go and submit said banking details under your payment options with

Once you start receiving payments from into your Payoneer account (takes abt 3 business days) you can then withdraw from Payoneer to your SA bank account.

You also get an actual Mastercard that works like a credit card and you can shop from any shop or withdraw from any ATM or shop online exactly like you would from a normal credit card.


If you are going to market internationally on the Internet, you are going to need a Paypal account at some point in time.  Either to make payments or receive them.  In order to receive payments in SA via your paypall account you will need an FNB Online Banking Profile.  (note, as far as I am aware you need not a bank account, just an Online Banking Profile, see the link) Once created you can link ANY South African bank account to your online FNB banking profile and withdraw from your Paypal directly from there.

Clickbank Affiliate Network

There are affiliate networks such as Clickbank (shown in the webinar) where there are 1000’s of products to choose from that you can sell.

You just need a single Clickbank account and then you can start marketing the products within.

Unfortunately it seems as of Dec 2019 they do not accept affiliates from South Africa anymore, which is a pity.  My account goes back to 2003 I think so I am grandfathered in.

What I have discovered however is a Fiver Gig (Fiverr is a micro services platform where you can have all kinds of services  outsourced for as little as $5.  I have spent $1000s there on logos, SEO, content writers and more and continue to do so).  Jobs are called GIGS and I have discovered this Fiverr Gig Here that delivers a fully functional Clickbank account.

I have tried all kinds of workarrounds, and unless you have someone you can trust located in one of the approved Clickbank affiliate countries (Australia, US. New Zealand, UK etc) that can apply and manage the account on your behalf,  this Fiverr Gig is the only workable solution that we could find.  Although I have personally spoken to the gig provider, I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of this Gig as I already have a Clicbank account of my own.

There are many Affiliate Networks such as Clickbank but it is one of the biggest and oldest networks and they specialise in Digital Products, this is what you want to sell.

As you grow in the Affiliate Business you will learn more about others, but Clickbank is the easiest one to start with.

So once you have a Clickbank account and once you start selling you will get reports like these :

Recap :

  1. Watch the webinar
  2. Get a account and start selling
  3. Get a Payoneer account and start receiving USD.
  4. Get a FNB Online Banking Profile and Paypal account

You SHOULD as a South African be able to receive and send USD with these from all over the World!

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