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Stop and Recap

By now you have

  1. An overview of a sales funnel as well as the fact that we are building towards an email list
  2. You will have set up the right accounts with Getresponse, Payfast and Getresponse affiliate
  3. You will have copied the video you want to promote with its headlines and description
  4. You will have set up a sequence of 5 email autoresponders
  5. You will have done a lot of copying and pasting and up and down.

We suggest you have a look at Days 1-3 again – just read through and try and complete the bigger picture.

Almost there !!!  Let’s go !!!!

Welcome To Challenge Day 4

Well done! Your online business is starting to take shape and we are almost ready to launch.

Today we will help you create your lead capture page and your thank you page.

A lead capture page is a page we will be sending people to – once they’ve clicked on our ads. As the name states it is where we capture leads – keep in mind that we are busy building an email list.

So on this page, we will capture the lead that you get from your FB ad – by adding it to your email list. This process happens automatically via Getresponse.

“Don’t worry about where you will market just yet, we will get to that, for now just follow the steps to understand the process”


Therefore we need a page with a subscribe now form on to capture that lead. This is the page we will build today.

That list will be your intellectual property in a few months’ time.

On your lead capture page, we will make them an offer in return for giving us their email address. Once they’ve signed up with their email address, we will send them to a thank you page where they will get our FREE gift.

After this, they are on our email list and we can start building our audience. Don’t think of people on your list as anything other than customers. And we treat customers in a specific way.

Going back to our intro – remember this example – Imagine having a list of 10 000 people and you send out an offer that pays you $500 commission, and your list converts at just 1%.  That is 100 x $500 commission for just one mailing.

If you want to make successful sales, then you need to create an audience – and this is what the list is all about.

So let’s start today’s lesson. Watch the video below and follow along.

Step 1:- Log into your Get Response account and click on Create Landing Page under the Quick actions menu on the left-hand side of the screen

On the next screen, you will have to choose a template. For the exercise, click on Build from scratch on the left-hand menu. Select Plain Template 10 in the first row. Give your landing page a name – Project 1 or Test or anything you decide on. Click Next Step. Your template will be loaded by Monster.



Step 2:- In a new tab, navigate to the video you selected in yesterday’s video. Keep that tab open. You will now need to grab the headline from above that video and add it to your Landing Page in the previous tab. (Follow along on the video below from here on).



Step 3:- Using the steps explained in the video, you can now build your Landing page as well as make sure to edit the format of the Landing page so that it looks a bit more professional than just a draft page. Note that some of the steps shown in the video, you would have already completed on Day 2 – such as the creation of the thumbnail.



Step 4:- Once you have created the Landing Page and you are happy with its layout, ensure you have a Thank You page in the landing page creator – [refer to the video 7:16]



Step 5:- Will be for you to create and finalise the Thank You page as per the video. NB- ensure you use your affiliate link in the final button; else your referral will not be linked to your affiliate account.



Step 6:- Ensure you click Next Step on the Landing Page creator, create a page title, and Description. Here it is important to note that this specific page of yours can be optimised for Search Engines. We call it SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This means it will be indexed by Google and if someone types in a specific keyword/phrase for which your page was optimised, your page will show up in their search results. Thereby creating another avenue of leads for you. If you’d like to discuss SEO with us, feel free to ask via the Facebook group.



Step 7:- Complete all the settings as required, connect the Landing Page to the list you created on Day 3, and click Publish.


Congratulations!! You have now published your first Simple Affiliate Marketing Funnel. You get your link (URL) and you can now drive traffic to that URL. You can drive traffic from all social media platforms, via paid ads, via page/post shares and also via Google. Once you start driving traffic to that page, people will start signing up for your promise via your form and they will then be added onto your email list. Once they start signing up for paid accounts, you will start earning commissions off them.


Checks & Balances

Check yourself to ensure you are on par.

After today you need to have completed the following:-

  1. Set up a landing page or a lead capture page in Getresponse
  2. Set up a thank you page – people are redirected to that once they give their email addresses
  3. On the thank you page they will view the video that you’ve chosen over day 2 and 3.

So by now, you have

  1. the product you want to sell (video),
  2. the lead capture or landing page people will see
  3. with a form on it where they can submit their email addresses which will go on your email list (as we are building your list),
  4. a thank you page to which they are directed after giving their email addresses and
  5. the video that you sell on that thankyou page.
  6. plus you also have your first 5 emails setup that will be sent to them once they give their email addresses

So in short, you now have your funnel set up, tomorrow we show you how to get traffic to that. Let’s have another look at the image we showed you at the very beginning – it should be making more sense now.

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