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Okay – as always, at this stage, you will be asking


Let’s quickly recap – through day 1-5 we basically introduced you to affiliate marketing and how you can also get involved by building a sales funnel with one piece of software – GetResponse.

This is important – as GetResponse will be your platform from which you will be running your business – for the first six months at least. So please understand this – because it is the hub of your business, you will need to choose a paid plan after your 30-day trial.

The basic package is US$15 per month – and you can view the packages here

Thus the first expense in your new business will be that monthly fee.

Once you start running your Facebook ads from inside Getresponse, you will understand the importance of this Software.

If by now you have not realised – you are building an actual business. This is not a thing, a scam or whatever – this is a legit business and it is important that you view it as such.

You have identified a pain/problem in the market (the need for business owners to sell more products), you have offered them a solution (a video that addresses the pain/problem) and something that is going to help them save time and money by implementing the solution.

If you don’t treat it like a business you will not get the results of a business.

Therefore – as in any business you will have expenses. Let’s take a quick look at the expenses of a coffee shop. To start that coffee shop you will need a certain amount to spend on equipment – usually about $20 000. You will need a certain amount to see you through the first 3-6 months – for wages etc.

When you start your own affiliate marketing business, the principle remains, yet the expense is much much less.

Please make sure that you understand the above principle before you continue.

Now that we have established that you are building a legit business, and established what your first monthly expense will be, also understand that we will be offering you various options from here on – these will be paid options.

We are offering these as we know what a difference they will make to your business. The people who are building huge online businesses are plugged into specific systems and using these to establish themselves in the market online.

We are not here to lie, we are here to offer you sound business advice. It is up to you to decide your business route.

That is the second principle.

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Bringing us to the What Next?

Once you’ve built your funnel, it will be all about getting traffic to your page – if you open a shop in a mall, then the mall will guarantee you x amount of people per month, that is why they charge the rent they do. Because the mall is actually sending traffic to your store.

The same concept applies online, except that we will have to generate our own traffic.

Traffic can be harvested on any and all social media platforms, organic SEO in Google, Google ads, etc etc etc.

For a start, we think it is best if you focus on traffic from Facebook. We have included a video to watch – and what is even better is that you can run Facebook ads from inside your Get Response account (see how handy GR is?).

This brings us to the second monthly expense – Facebook ads. Similar to marketing your own brick and mortar business you will need a marketing budget for your online business.

The beauty behind FB ads is that YOU choose the budget, so no one can tell you how much to spend. You will start off small – and test the results, adjusting accordingly.

Some tips on FB ads

  • to start off you will need a FB page – not your own personal page – you need to create a “business page” in FB, else you will not be able to run FB ads campaigns. Create a FB page as step 1. Think of a business name – and think broad like “ABC Online Solutions” – because you don’t want to be selling just one product/service, you might want to branch out later.
  • Ad expenditure can be as low as $2-3 per day – but run ads for at least 4 days. We found that ads work best from Tuesday to Thursday. So choose either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday.
  • You decide if you want to run a weekly ad or only every second week.
  • Your aim with the first campaign is not Page Likes, it is to get people to view your ad and click through to your Lead Capture Page.
  • You will obviously need a credit card to be able to pay FB – and don’t worry – there are no hidden costs. If you set the budget as $10, then that is what they will charge (excepting the bank charges on your side).

So for now, watch the video below and then set up your Facebook ad inside your GetResponse account.

Well done – you are ready to graduate!

Now you understand the complete process

  1. Choosing a product
  2. How to build a landing and thank you page
  3. How to set up and manage ads to send leads to that page

How We Got 10,853 New Visitors In Just 29 Days

The Secrets To Instant Traffic

You Got Your Super Simple Funnel.  You Need To Show It To People, The Right People In The Right Places.  Click The Button Below For Something VERY SPECIAL …

Let Us Recap

Congratulations, you have completed the Super Simple Affiliate Funnel!

You now belong to less than 20% of people who started with this challenge. We like to say that you slew your first dragon on the road to a successful online business.

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