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Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing (video transcribe)

I’m John Crostani, and I make over $500,000 a month with affiliate marketing. However, I’m going to show you how to get started if you’re a total newbie, and I’ll be going over on my computer right here a step-by-step process for you to go from $0 to EUR. [Music] Hey, if you’re interested in beginning affiliate marketing and are a total newbie, I first advise you to view my introduction to affiliate marketing series.

However, in this video, I’ll be outlining the specific steps you need to take. Here, we’re going to take a few actions. Joining an affiliate network is the initial step in affiliate marketing. From there, you may choose things to sell, link to, and earn money from. Finding a specific item to sell on the internet is the second step.

Finding something you like and can profit from on the internet is the second thing we’re going to do, and the third thing we’re going to do is actually sell it. If you’re a committed action-taker, I advise following through every step in this video. If you do, you can start making your first commissions right away. What do you choose to join right now? First and foremost, Amazon and my personal favorite, ClickBank, are two great affiliate networks to join.

As a result, joining Amazon is really simple. If you’re already an Amazon customer—you can see that I’m on—let me teach you how to join their affiliate network. Okay, let’s scroll to the bottom of the page where we see the phrase “earn money with us” in the footer. There are several methods to generate money with Amazon, including selling private label goods to corporations and other entities, but what we’re interested in right now is being an affiliate.

You’ll merely want to sign up, and one of the requirements is a website. Do you already have a Facebook profile? If not, you can make one for free; that will serve as your website. It’s extremely simple, and I’ve heard of people just adding random websites with high traffic in their niche, so I think Amazon doesn’t check. However, bear in mind your YouTube channel.

There are many affiliate networks available, but clickbank is the most reputable and the oldest one. It was founded in boise, Idaho, and it’s been operating for 21 years. On this network, I earned my first commissions, as have many other people. It is also the affiliate network where I currently make the majority of my income. If we click h a lot of money with, then you’ll see that they provide you with information on how much money you can expect to make as an affiliate.

If you sell this, you’ll make $37; $56; $41, respectively; There is a lot of money to be gained selling these various goods, so you might want to pick what I suggest after finding something you connect with. I sell things that are categorized as business opportunities, however I suggest starting on Amazon.

As I previously stated, using an affiliate network other than Amazon is where you may really start to make a lot of money, but for the sake of this example, let’s simply start with Amazon. Can I do that?” Okay, okay. I apologize that I briefly misheard you there. Moving on to Amazon, I’m going to state that I want to start by promoting this book on nfm, which is a book I’m currently reading. It’s really good, and we’re going to search it on Amazon to find out how much it costs.

Okay, so I’m going to click on the book. What you’ll see is that when you’re accepted for an affiliate network, you see this little bar that says Amazon Associates site Stripe right here. This is where I’ll get my affiliate link, so they buy the book and I make money.

We can view the full line. The link has information that informs Amazon that the user clicked on my link rather than if they searched for it online or something similar; this information is right here in the tag, so that’s what it tells them; nevertheless, we’re simply going to get the short link and copy it. I signed up for an affiliate program, choose a product, and now we’re going to write an article about how to really get some people to visit my website, okay? Now that you have access to them, there are a few approaches to persuade them to click on your link.

That is one way you could spread the word about your connection. You send folks your link by email; this is how you may spread the word. You use Instagram; that’s how you may spread the word about your connection. Do you ever leave YouTube comments? That is how you may spread the word about your connection.

All of these techniques, including using Facebook, are ways to spread the word about your link. You probably just speak about odd social interactions between men and women in your life most of the time, which is OK, but since we’re talking about making money here, that’s what we’ll need to cover in our emails. Let’s say I want to recommend this book, and I might start by sending an email.

Could you write a recommendation for a book, and I could say, “I’m reading a really wonderful sci-fi book right now, but I recall you asking for a recommendation. I adore it utterly. Look it up!” I would add my link there, too. I therefore typed a brief personal email in my usual style, followed by just my initials.

So that’s one technique to spread the word about your connection. Joining Facebook and interacting with lots of people is another approach to start off with affiliate marketing.

I have friends on Facebook who are interested in the future, science fiction, and other topics. I visit my personal Facebook page instead of my business page because I want to communicate with people directly. Do you ever rely on advertisements to make decisions about what to buy, watch, or listen to? I’ll just say “very good sci-fi book” based on my educated guess. I’ve been reading mind gasms every day so far; check it out; Neil Stevenson is brilliant; now, excuse my poor spelling; I’m writing in a personal capacity, and that’s what sells once more.

Nobody will buy your writing if it reads like an advertisement. Nobody wants to have their money violated, yet that’s exactly how purchasing from an advertisement makes you feel. You want to feel in love, and getting a personal recommendation makes you feel in love, therefore here is my post to give you that feeling.

But since sharing it is how it always turns out, I’ll simply post it right here right now. In a nutshell, that’s how to get started with affiliate marketing. I hope this video was helpful. On my channel’s home page or via a link somewhere nearby, you may find my playlists on the fundamentals of getting started with affiliate marketing.

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