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Are You Ready For The New World Economy?

Your business is failing.  You have lost your job (or are about to).  You have bills to pay, you have rent payment coming up.

Just how many paychecks are you away from bankruptcy?

You desperately know inside your soul that you have to start generating a different income stream.

Something that is not going to require large capital outlay, that can earn you money within days (not weeks), that you can do part-time and that is not going to require you to first learn a new trade for the next 3 years.


What Is Going To Happen To YOUR Economy When You Do Not Make a Plan NOW? 


Will you be able to make that car payment end of the month?  That mortgage/rent payment?  When does the bank start collecting and repossessing?

When does the lawyer letters and calls start if you can’t pay the bills?

What if you do not find a new job soon enough?

If the economy does not pick up again, will your business make it for another month?

Will you have to move in with family?  Will you have to sell everything to the pawnshop?

Will you be able to look your family in the eyes and tell them you cannot provide?


Luckily For You, There Is A Solution


“The 5 Day Super Simple Affiliate Funnel Challenge”

Hello! We are Deon and Stephan, two full-time Internet marketers based in Pretoria South Africa who have been quietly making money online and helping others to do the same since 2007.


And We Want To Help

Entrepreneurs Just Like You

To Make Their First Sale Online


Being entrepreneurs always looking for bigger and better opportunities, we turned to the Internet starting to search for “how to make money online”.

Wading through tons of stuff, we could not find anything that did not require technical skills such as being able to code HTML, a skill we did not possess at the time or having to buy products in wholesale bulk, requiring capital we did not have.

Having no product or skill to sell, and having no technical skills to build a website we had to find something that would eliminate these prerequisites.

We had to find something that was easy to do, could be done part-time and that would earn us serious money.

Then one day, we came across a 19-year-old guy claiming to be making $18 000 pm working from his bedroom in his parents’ house.

He was carrying no stock, he had no clients, he had no staff, he did not need an office or overheads except for an Internet connection.  He was using a “build it yourself” website software solution that required no programming skills. This was fascinating!  All the “traditional” business models flew right out of the window.


If a 19-year-old kid can do this, then so can we???


What we stumbled upon is called Affiliate Marketing

– where you sell other people’s products for a commission online.


You need not carry stock yourself, you need not handle customer queries and support, you need no product of your own and you can work from home, in your pyjamas, part-time or full time.

Just send your merchant some referrals and you could earn a commission!

The merchant takes care of the rest!

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, the right tools and some guidance and you can earn a serious income.

We started out selling health supplements online and after 3 months of self-study, we made our first sale! We then started to move onto digital products and that is when we started to fly! Just by selling OTHER people’s products.

And we have been quietly doing so for many years.  We even started building websites for other businesses having now acquired the skills and software that would allow us to build websites without programming skills. In the process, we have helped hundreds of business start to make money online.


What We Are About To Help You With, We Can Only Wish Someone Showed Us When We Got Started All Those Years Ago


You can now benefit from our experience!  You do not have to do months of self-study to make your first sale. We are going to show you the shortcut!

We have created a step by step tutorial in the form of a 5-day challenge to help you set up the exact same funnel as per the video above.


We literally tell you Step 1, click here, Step 2, write this, step 3 copy and paste here…


With Our INTERACTIVE 5 Day Challenge You 

Get The Following:

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  • We show you how to start selling online without a product of your own
  • Show you the only piece of software that you need and can start with for free
  • Show you step-by-step on how to use it without needing a website.
  • We show you how to choose a product for success
  • We Interact with you in our live training sessions
  • We answer your questions in our private group
  • We hold your hand and show you step by step how to do this



Join Our INTERACTIVE Challenge And Within 5 Days From Now, You Can Be Selling Online


Complete DAILY tutorials and tasks to be completed which will result in you having your first online business ready to sell.  These daily tasks and lessons will keep you busy no more than 45 min a day.

And the best part, it is interactive!  You can ask us questions in our private Facebook group and join our live sessions where we will answer your questions live and where we will share even more coaching and training not covered in the tutorials.


We Are Looking For People Who Want To Learn Our Techniques

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